What The Thunder Said

The AW21 collection continues our deconstruction of the suit. It reveals what lies beneath this perfected form of attire and allows us to look inside this cornerstone of traditional clothes making.

The inspiration for this collection finds its point of departure in the despairing world of T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland; the final section “What the Thunder Said” – in which the poets imagined world begins to break down. Unreal cities are destroyed, rebuilt, and destroyed gain.

It speaks of the death that ushers in new birth, the great destruction that always precedes creation; of new beginnings.

This collection explores the destruction and genesis of perceptions within a person.

It boldly confronts the heme of duality within the subject and the fiction of boundaries. This final section of Eliot’s work is written overwhelmingly in unpunctuated, irregular free verse.

In response, we adopted a freehand, unregulated approach to this collection, creating a range of garments that are extremely versatile in texture, tactile, almost melancholic. We worked largely in a demure, shadowy color-palette, yet in contrast, we carved out strong silhouettes, painting a phantasmagorical picture of elemental constants; rock, wind, fire, water.

The collection moves among genders and personalities, exploring who we are, who we want to be and where we want to go.

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