Howl continues our exploration of the suit as a cornerstone of traditional clothes making. It reveals what lies beneath this perfect and respectable form of attire and allows us to look inside.

The inspiration for this collection follows the surreal, despairing world of T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland from AW20 and meets the passion and anger of Ginsberg’s Howl.

Howl places the forces of submission and personal thought at odds with each other. Ginsberg rails against cultural conformity and seeks to break the chains that hold the people of his generation down.

This collection explores a similar concept; the traditional, stark attire of a city worker and its relation to the emotions and desires of its wearer.

I thought a lot about the distortion of the perfect form of a pinstripe suit. I wanted to reduce it to its core, expose guts, give it life…

I wanted to see underneath and inside, invade its privacy, take it by the throat and make it scream.

I wanted it to express what it truly was.

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