SS18 Detroit part ii

It’s now been rolling on 4 months since Adam met Jack, both being deeply enthusiastic about the underground grunge scene of the city.. they naturally rubbed shoulders for a while in Detroit’s rock/n/roll pubs. Until finally coming face to face one night after Adam finished playing one of his jams for a small audience. Jack had approached him asking to have a drink with him and his friend Eve. They were all alternative and into grunge, rock’n’roll and music and the poetry that runs throughout bonded them together. SS18 gradually continues from AW17. In SS18 garments became lighter. Tangled in leads that mingle with ribbons and the embroidery of their clothes, almost like the outfits were created from them, they soak through days and nights of Detroit’s summer. Ripped jackets and those fully made from ribbon continue the idea of deconstructed tailoring. Like they’ve been corroded throughout the winter until layers of the fabric wore away and diminished ready for warmer weather. As they were fused to their rock’n’roll lifestyle their silhouettes slumped and introduced you to SS18.