AW18 Hoarfrost

 The cold crept in early this year. Detroit’s atmosphere was rather dull under the brown fog of a winter dawn* and so the three friends decided to change their scenery and left the smoggy hues behind. Now, heading across the border to Montreal and further to the Canadian mountains, they dress in warm wools that gradually start breathing colour in the form of small salmon streaks that drip through their dusty clothes. Initially geometrically dissected garments now hung of the threesome as a united attire distracted only by salmon, black and white pinstripe embroideries.

Unlike previous seasons from Ester Kubisz, this collection is softer in the colour palette and freshened up by hints of salmon symbolising fragments of the bloodthirsty beauty of this taste stark land. Laying on the bank of the river as they rest their tired bodies at the end of their long days, the garments reflect the scenery that surrounds them as if they were a mirror to the terrain and the star-filled sky above.

This AW18 collection mainly concentrates on light tailoring that is embellished by Kubisz’s signature pinstripe embroidery rather then garment deconstruction. Using premium Italian wools that emphasise material and textile embellishment.

*T.S.Eliot – Wasteland