AW17 detroit part 1

AW17 is an ode to Detroit.

After deciding to leave the corporate controlled world in SS17, our main character now called Adam found his new home in Detroit. The city that already has its best days behind, according to some.

AW17 collection reveals the beauty in decay. Parts of garments pealing off their traditional construction uncovering what might be hidden underneath. What used to be a blazer now became a coat after its shell fell off and got hanging just it the bottom hem. Split waistbands serve as belts and just like abandoned buildings in Detroit, parts of garments are finding their new purpose.

From the deconstruction of traditional tailoring in SS17, AW17 takes on deconstruction of a garment’s form. Inspired by Detroit’s ‘underground’ culture, its people and buildings, The White Stripes and the main characters and the feel of Jarmush’s Only Lovers Left Alive. Adam is about to meet Jack and start an endless jam discovering new tones and melodies in this glory city.