aw16 i took a pinstripe for a walk

Follow the routes of threads radically dissecting the traditions of menswear tailoring. Admire the human skill projected in the handwork. Find the order in the middle of chaos.

Get back to pure cuts and stand out of the crowd. Making a statement is for kids get the traditional with a twist. Shave your beard off, or let it grow so it covers your entire chest. Have some guts, dress smart and don’t go for the average.We are recently launched menswear brand based in London. We create clean tailoring with a radical look. Our first collection was exhibited at London Graduate fashion week 2015 and at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Central Europe, where it won an award for the Best Garments Design.

The brand endeavours to change perceptions of what is deemed as professional attire and continues the exploration of innovative textile design combined with traditional tailoring. Providing high quality unconventional tailored dress ware, predominantly for men but encouraged to be used in unisex styling.

Signature trademarks of the garments are originally created detailed textiles, which are made exclusively in-house, using special techniques therefore cannot be outsourced anywhere else. Secondly the brand specialises in minimal silhouettes and raw cuts. The combination of rich, quirky detail and raw, minimal aesthetic creates contemporary, modern looks.